kp MagicLIN

A specially developed polyolefin stretch film that is exceptionally easy to cut, even easier than PVC film. The result of an extensive research and development project, it meets the needs of demanding products and environments in terms of quality, image and accurate positioning.

Product benefits

  • Multi-layer structure
  • Amazing cutting capability (blade not required)
  • Excellent stretchability
  • High gloss and clarity
  • Strong cling performance
  • Smooth unwinding


  • Very thin film
  • Recyclable film at store recycling facilities (country dependant)
  • No need for blade and dispensers


  • Protects the product
  • Extends shelf-life (up to three days)

Technical information

  • High performance co-extruded polyolefin film
  • Thickness: 9.5μm
  • Length: 3,000 – 6,000 metres
  • Specific formulation to improve cutting properties
  • Suitable for wrapping all types of food products