kp FlexiFlow®

Barrier flow wrap film

Barrier flow wrap film is the perfect solution to protect food and reduce your packaging footprint. Our kp FlexiFlow® films are amazingly thin, provide best-in-class optics and can be printed to boost your brand without sacrificing strength or protection of your product.
Flexible Films

Our world class technology allows us to meticulously engineer the thinnest puncture resistant flow wrap films to protect your fresh food packaging.

Packer/Processor Benefits

  • Outstanding sealability and seals through contamination
  • Puncture resistant options available
  • Up to 75% lighter than alternate packaging
  • Allows for high output
  • Suitable for most sealing equipment

Retailer Benefits

  • Reduces packaging to meet your sustainability goals
  • Keeps food safe and contained
  • Good stackability and small footprint
  • Best-in-class optics
  • Printable on both sides

Sustainability Benefits

  • Lightest packaging option
  • Fully recyclable & certified by Interseroh*
  • Protects food
  • Extends shelf life
  • Pair with kp Infinity® for a total solution that’s recyclable

*For polypropylene option


Made for recycling

Our PP barrier flow wrap film has been certified “Made for Recycling” by European based environmental service specialist Interseroh, helping us close the loop.


Exceptional clarity

Our films have crystal clear transparency for optimal product presentation.


Maximum food protection and safety

Secure and leak proof with a superior hermetical seal, even through contamination.


Anti fog

Specially formulated to reduce haze from outside and inside environmental factors to keep food looking fresh.

Low Carbon footprint_v2


Our films can be easily printed and laminated for brand appeal.


Reduced packaging

Our flow wrap films work alone or with other substrates and use minimal plastic to protect your product and reduce food waste.

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