kp FlexiVac®

Barrier vacuum bagging film

With excellent sealing performance in a secure and leak proof package, kp FlexiVac® multi-layer vacuum films protect fresh food products so they look great on the shelf in a crystal-clear pack. By removing the air from the pack, our films extend shelf life and preserve quality and freshness, reducing food waste.

Our world class technology allows us to meticulously engineer the thinnest puncture resistant vacuum bagging films to protect your fresh food packaging.

Packer/Processor Benefits

  • Tough barrier protects products
  • Market leading low gauge films
  • Formulated to prevent delamination
  • Optimum seal and freshness
  • Longer rolls increase efficiency

Retailer Benefits

  • Crystal clear transparency and gloss
  • High barrier film guarantees food preservation
  • Secure and leak proof
  • Better logistics

Sustainability Benefits

  • Minimal gauge for less material
  • Reduced weight
  • Prevents contamination and reduces food waste
  • Extends shelf life


Puncture resistant

High tensil strength for bone-in products and stands up to the rigors of packing and distribution through the supply chain.

Exceptional clarity

Our films have crystal clear transparency for optimal product presentation.

Maximum food
protection and safety

Secure and leak proof with a best-in-class hermetical seal, even through contamination.


We offer a range of lock seal lidding films or peelable options.


Our films can be easily printed and laminated for brand excellence.


High performance

Excellent sealing through contamination, effortless to cut and available in easy to use formats.

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